Love Hair pride ourselves on providing high end Virgin hair extensions. All our hair extensions are hand picked by us and quality assured to maximise the highest customer satisfaction as possible. Although we stand by the quality of our hair we do not however take liability of what happens to the hair after it has been purchased from us. The predicted life span of our Virgin hair extensions is 2-3 years with good care. We have constructed  an in-depth care guide to aid our
customers in looking after their Virgin hair extensions and prolong the life span of your hair.


When installing our hair we strongly recommend that it is done by a professional hair stylist. It is essential that the cutting of the weft is kept to a minimal. If damage occurs, bind off by sewing with needle and thread. If the weft is cut excessively whilst being installed the hair will ultimately loosen and fall out. When installing your hair we advise 2-3 packs to add volume to your real hair, we advise 4-5 packs for a full look. When installing over 4 packs we advise hair stylist to avoid crowding weave tracks as this can lead to tangling of the hair and ultimately excessive shedding.


No matter what hair texture you have, always comb conditioner through your hair with a wide-tooth comb. It will detangle and smooth your hair before styling. Don't use shampoos and conditioners that aren't suited for your hair type. To get the best set-up for styling, pick products that meet your specific needs.

Never skip conditioning. Your hair needs the moisture of conditioner to keep it strong and healthy. If you don't like the feeling of cream conditioners, use a lightweight leave-in spray on damp hair. Do not skip conditioner when washing for when you use shampoo, hair is stripped of oils, making hair appear dry and lifeless. Always condition your hair if it's prone to breakage. Conditioning is the best way to give your hair the nourishment it needs to stay strong. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse! Any conditioner left on your hair will weigh it down and won't allow you to get the most optimal style. In order to keep your hair in its most "Virgin" state, We advise minimal products. It's key to make sure your extension are taken care of in the  same manner as your own natural hair. It is essential when hair has had contact with excessive oil/grease/moussse/serum to shampoo and condition hair to get back to its natural state without any product.


To achieve tighter curls, scrunch hair whilst conditioning to achieve tight curls and leave to air dry. Dispense gel /mousse/ leave in conditioner into hands and distribute evenly through the hair. A wide tooth comb is not appropriate for this type of hair, you would have to run your hands through the curls. Always make sure your curls are moist and not dry to give the best enhance bouncy curls. Use high end curling products to keep your curls tight. 


Scrunch to create waves allow hair to dry naturally. To enhance your waves use bendy rollers/ curling wands and high end products for your waves.


While shampooing / conditioning run your hands up and down motion to keep your extensions bone straight. Once your hair is fully dried, Run straighteners over the hair from root to tip to make hair super smooth and shiny. Using a blow dryer may speed up the process of drying, and give a bone straight effect. Please Note: Dryer must be on a reasonable heat level.


Always use products specifically designed for color-treated hair. Only colour protected products have the technology to help you keep your perfect colour vibrant and fresh. After you colour your hair, use conditioner in place of shampoo to give extra moisture without stripping the colour. Be especially gentle with colour treated hair, colouring weakens hair and makes it more prone to breakage.  Coloured hair needs extra moisture to keep it soft and smooth.


Once the lace starts to lift and you would like to re apply, remove glue / tape by using a mirror where the edge of the lace was placed on your hair line. Make sure all the glue has been removed from lace and your hair line so when reapplying it will sit on your front hair line naturally. Condition you closure / frontal if necessary before re applying.


Love Hair only deal in high end Virgin Hair Extensions and therefore only recommend high end products to care for it  below we have  a list of 5 of our favourite hair care brands.